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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco- Ani DiFranco Vinyl

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All the songs you loved on Ani DiFranco offered up in vinyl format! Featuring all 13 tracks from the original album, this 140gm, two-record set includes three sides of newly re-mastered audio and a collectable etched side of the photo that inspired the Righteous Babe logo. Packaged in a gatefold album jacket with lyric sheet.

Release Date August 19, 2016.

Visit the Ani DiFranco album page to learn more about the album, track listing, etc.

1. both hands
2. talk to me now
3. the slant
4. work your way out
5. dog coffee
6. lost woman song
7. pale purple
8. rush hour
9. fire door
10. the story
11. every angle
12. out of habit
13. letting the telephone ring