Which Side - Gray Unisex

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No, really, I’m asking! You’re bound to pick a side, it’s human nature. We can only hope you're on the right one and question those who aren’t. 2020 sure has brought to light a lot of buried injustice that we sure can’t ignore, and now’s the chance to do something about it. It’s in the air, and high time, too! With this tee, you'll be sporting a back full lyrics that speak to the dawn of the new decade (AKA the rollercoaster that has been 2020 so far). The “Which Side Are You On?” tee is not only a marker in time, but also a constant reminder to speak up for those who can’t-to strive to do the right thing, to choose the side that fights for what’s right. Ani said it once and she’ll say it again! “It’s time to join the fight!” You in?

The back reads: Too many stories/ written out in black or white/ come on people of privilege/ it's time to join the fight/ are we living in the shadow of slavery / or are we moving on?/tell me which side are you on now/which side are you on?

Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton

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Origin: USA