Take 15% off the entire Righteous Babe store this weekend

Take 15% off the entire Righteous Babe store this weekend

It’s the end of July and you know what that means...time for a good old fashioned merch sale! Your friends at Righteous Babe are gifting you 15% off of the entire site this weekend (7/24-7/26) when you use code WSAYO15 at checkout. 

What does WSAYO mean, you might ask? It’s “Which Side Are You On?” of course! Ani's cover of the tremendously relevant Pete Seeger song-turned-graphic tee that we’re spotlighting this month on the Righteous Babe merch shop, available for you to rock should you choose to get your hands on one! The tee features some timely Ani lyrics: Too many stories/ written out in black or white/ come on people of privilege/ it's time to join the fight/ are we living in the shadow of slavery / or are we moving on? /tell me which side are you on now/which side are you on?

Along with the gem that is the WSAYO tee, our new “Vote Dammit!” shirts and tanks are the perfect wardrobe staple for any and all who are planning on casting a ballot. There’s plenty of other goodies to browse sitewide, from posters to beanies to socks and skirts. Seriously, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Don’t miss out on scoring some Righteous Babe swag this weekend, and from all of your friends at the Righteous Babe HQ, happy summer!


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