Ruth Theodore

Ruth Theodore


Ruth’s music reflects her naturally transient personality, actively avoiding being pinned down in all aspects of life from sexuality to physical location, Ruth’s compositions, like their creator, delve deep into various realms and genres whilst never lingering long enough to become entangled in the details. With this panoramic vista, Ruth creates and performs with a unique and instantly recognizable style that effortlessly pushes the boundaries of gender and genre, and defies the confines of the conventional "singer-songwriter" archetype. 

Ruth's life choices echo her nomadic spirit. Between her boat, nestled on squatted land in east london, the tour-van-come-self-built-writing-space, her ‘home’ recording studio balancing above a live music venue, and periods collaborating in the US - Ruth and her music are entities on the move, always developing something new and exciting. Her confidence has grown with each release and there is an unapologetic boldness to her latest work that demands she be taken seriously. 

As a highly skilled self taught instrumentalist, Ruth choses to compose her intricate music by ear. Her percussive guitar and experimental piano styles demonstrate Ruth’s abilities as a musician, and offer insight into her playful attitude to music. However, it is Ruth’s captivating vocal style with her poetic lyrical delivery that claim the forefront of her work. 

Thinking bigger than the average lyricist, Ruth’s intelligent and philosophical stories, crammed full of her vibrant personality, navigate intimate journeys of sexuality, mental and physical health, love and loss, whilst simultaneously hold a wider view of the world and its ever changing physical and social landscapes - often with emphasis on the fleeting nature of our existence within this vast expanse. This and her ambitious song structures and musical arrangements - tailor made for her full and diverse band - set Ruth apart from the crowd. 

Ruth’s original style have led her into impressive company. Performing and recording with top musicians across the pond. Notably Ruth has made two records alongside grammy and tony award winning US bassist/producer Todd Sickafoose (known for collaborations with Anais Mitchell including “Hades Town” / Ani Difranco), and Swiss-American percussion virtuoso Mathias Kunzli (notable for work with Regina Spektor and Lauren Hill), engineered by US engineer Eli Crews (acclaimed for his work with Tune Yards). 

Ruth's emotive, often political, but always playful stage show, radiates joy and energy, earning her the honor of appearing as special guest alongside US political folk icon Ani Difranco, gracing iconic venues like Union Chapel and the illustrious London Palladium. Influential publications such as ‘The Guardian’ sing Ruth’s praises and editor and founder of long established music magazine ‘fRoots’ heralds Ruth as ‘one of the most innovative, original, exciting – and underrated – artists in the UK’. Her creative legacy is preserved within the sound archives of the British Library, celebratedf or its ‘intriguing nature and originality.’

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