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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco Keene, NH 11-16-2019

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The last night of a tour usually finds Ani in rare form, and this solo show (the first solo boot since Buffalo April 22, 2012) is no exception. Ani is having a great time and it truly shows as she quickly deviates from the setlist and takes fans on a trip back to her first album with versions of Fire Door and Both Hands. Showing some love to Bon Iver, Ani covers the tracks Skinny Love and Salem. The latter of the two showcases Ani’s vocal abilities while she seamlessly weaves from Salem into The Slant and back again. A real highlight of the night!

Fellow righteous babes Gracie and Rachel join the stage for several songs, including amazing versions of Grey, Play God, and Albacore. Extending the set even further, Ani goes off-script once again and adds the always slammin’ Shameless to close the set. Gracie and Rachel join Ani once again for the double encore of 32 Flavors and a truly beautiful version of Joyful Girl that sends everyone floating out of the Colonial Theatre on cloud nine, or maybe it was cloud ten...


Recorded live at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH on November 16, 2019

with special guest:
Gracie and Rachel: vocals, keys + violin

Recorded by Jake Cacciatore
Mixed by Mike Napolitano
Live sound by Kimberly Glick
Cover art by Ani



As Is

Angry Anymore




Both Hands

Fire Door

Garden Of Simple


Skinny Love


Zizzing (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

Grey (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

Play God (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

Albacore (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

Swan Dive




32 Flavors (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

Joyful Girl (w/ Gracie and Rachel)

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