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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco Carnegie Hall 4.6.02

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Ani DiFranco's live shows are legendary, whether performing with a six-piece band or standing alone with her guitar, but some shows stand out from the rest. Ani's historic 2002 solo performance at Carnegie Hall is one of those. The ecstatic vibrancy of that evening is captured on Righteous Babe Records' Carnegie Hall 4.6.02. Exposition-style song introductions and anecdotal musings elevate this show into a masterful performance.  
Ani's powerful set is politically relevant, sonically scintillating and unparalleled in its intimacy. For the first time, she recites the epic poem "self evident" to an audience of New Yorkers still breathing the dust of their broken skyline. This recording captures a moment in history where art holds space for humanity. Ani recalls, "I will always remember this performance of 'self evident' as being one of the most intense moments I have ever experienced on stage."
Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 is a great record, and while we're not planning on setting a precedent, it will be first of the Official Bootleg Series to be available in stores. To showcase the unique nature of this show, we also dressed Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 in shiny copper packaging, with sketches and liner notes from the Little Folksinger herself, and included a pull out mini-poster with the lyrics to "serpentine" and "self evident."

Released: April 2006

 1. god's country
2. subdivision
3. angry anymore
4. educated guess
5. not so soft
6. two little girls
7. story
8. gratitude
9. detroit Annie, hitchhiking
10. in the way
11. second intermission
12. names and dates and times
13. serpentine
14. self evident
15. out of range

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